Window Cleaning Southern UK - Industrial & Commercial Specialists

Window cleaners At Ashley Cleaning Systems Ltd we specialise in all aspects of commercial and industrial window, UPVC, cladding, soffits and facade cleaning. We use the latest cleaning methods in all areas of our work.


The areas of work we cover include:

  • Offices (including high level office cleaning)
  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • Libraries
  • Pubs
  • Hotels
  • Business parks
  • Flats
  • And many more

Reach & Wash system

A high level Reach and Wash pole cleaning system that uses 100% pure water and provides cleaning results that are second to none. The benefits include:

  • Reach and Wash cleans with greater efficiency than conventional methods
  • Cleans windows, atria, panelling, glass roofs, canopies and facia to a spot free finish
  • Eliminates the need for ladders
  • Staff work safely from the ground
  • Eliminates the need for high access equipment
  • Reaches previously inaccessible windows with ease
  • Environmentally friendly as no chemicals are used
  • Cleans frames at the same time as glass

Ladders - the traditional window cleaning method

It is not always possible or necessary to use the Reach and Wash System for every contract we have. Therefore, we will often use the traditional approach of ladders accompanied by the bucket and squeegee.

All of our staff are fully trained via the British Window Cleaning Academy with the use of ladders and our clients can be rest assured that a safe method is used at all times.